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How to find a LinkedIn profile by email address?

How to find a LinkedIn profile by email address?

Find Linkedin profiles from email address using simple methods and optimize your contact enrichment process
Julien Keraval
January 10, 2023
Updated on:
November 28, 2023

Let’s get into character: You’re a fresh sales recruit in a spot-on company and you’re ready to make some green rain 💸 This is your first day, and your boss drops on you this huge file of potential leads contacts (mostly emails). No time to panic, you swallow that anxiety so you start right away. The first thing on the To-do list is “Find the lead’s LinkedIn”.

Your brain goes “Okay, cool…but what for? “ Isn’t getting in touch via Linkedin kinda ..meh ? “ Let us explain.

How to find a LinkedIn by email address
How to find a LinkedIn by email address

Why should I find the Linkedin of my leads?

Your LinkedIn profile and social networks serve as the first RELIABLE point of contact with potential clients/employers. In terms of networking and lead generation, Linkedin has been the most widely used professional network platform of the decade.

LinkedIn Lead Generation
LinkedIn Lead Generation

However, it can be difficult to locate a specific profile if it is not sufficiently detailed. Finding a person's information is easier if you already know who you're looking for, if you don't, how can you ensure that the information you receive is really “legit”?

This person's email address is: personal? professional? scam? hard to tell.

So what can you do? How can you find your lead’s LinkedIn profile?

The old-fashioned way:

The easiest way to find a person's Linkedin profile page is by asking your best friend (Google).

For example, if you google you type “ LinkedIn” on Google, you find your search results for the LinkedIn user, and just have to click the 1 position link with the right Linkedin URL.

Find Linkedin by email with Google search
Find Linkedin by email with Google search

The difficulty with this method is that it works only for business email addresses and the prospect’s profile page on Linkedin has to be up to date for it to work.

pros: easy to use

cons: only works for business email addresses

The hacker’s way:

Linkedin account synchronization hack

It is indeed possible to hunt down that information yourself like a true hacker. Since the LinkedIn Sales Navigator Chrome extension isn’t available anymore,  you can just search and browse LinkedIn for your info in bulk mode: All you have to do is upload the contact list to your email provider (like Gmail or Outlook), synchronize it with your Linkedin account and pray to the lord it works.

Find Linkedin profil from email in bulk mode
Find LinkedIn profile from email in bulk mode

After you have entered the person’s email address, LinkedIn will search its database for full matching profiles. If a LinkedIn account is associated with the email address, it will appear in the first page of search results, if it isn't? You guessed: nothing.

If the person whose email address is not associated with a LinkedIn account or is not visible in the info section, LinkedIn will not be able to find a matching profile. Better yet, if you do find profiles, which one of the 44, 935 john smiths ( yep that is a real number, and this is only in the US) is the guy you're looking for? Say goodbye to your lunch break cause this is gonna take some serious time to Sherlock out.

✅ pros: not a very precise solution

❌ cons : difficult to set up & can’t manage volume

Search LinkedIn with the Microsoft Outlook hack

Another (hack) way to locate and find LinkedIn profile by email address is to use Microsoft Outlook Linkedin email finder tools to find the LinkedIn of email contact. All you have to do is synchronize your Outlook account with your Linkedin. You'll then get the Linkedin pop-up notification window, have to add a new contact in Microsoft Outlook and go to the “Linkedin” section.

Find Linkedin by email address with Outlook
Find Linkedin by email address with Outlook

However be careful with this method,  it will only work for the email address the last LinkedIn profile user has used to post or sign up (mostly personal email). This technique is very precise but takes a lot of time to set up and search manually.

✅ pros: very precise solution for personal email

❌ cons : difficult to set up & can’t manage volume & time consuming & don’t work for professional email

The best way:

‍Find a LinkedIn profile using the person's email address

Fear not my friends, for there is another way to find someone's email and that can help you keep your job. Four magic words: Reverse email lookup tool. All you need is an email address, and the tool will do the rest. 🦸

This tool can look up any information connected to an email address, by searching through public records and other online resources; Identifying the owner of an email account, verifying the person’s name and identity, employer, and contact info, additional information including job title and phone numbers, social media, relevant company details like company name/company domain/ company website, and much more…

Reverse Contact is specialized in finding LinkedIn profiles from email addresses and will allow you to take your lead enrichment process to the next level by enriching your database in a few clicks. How to use Reverse contact ? Easy peasy:

Unique search

Do you have to find people's Linkedin pages and just have some email addresses? Very simple, just use the unique search tool in the Reverse Contact application: Just put an email in the search bar, hit the button, and get on with your sales prospecting campaign.

Unique search in Reverse Contact
Unique search in Reverse Contact

Enrich email list

Do you have a list of many emails and don’t want to search one by one? Use the CSV Reverse Contact enrichment. The enrichment takes approximately 10 mins for 1000 records.

Enrich email list in Reverse Contact
Enrich email list in Reverse Contact


We do know that if you have a lot of new emails to enrich each day, you don’t want to do it manually each time. With our API, you can integrate Reverse Contact in your enrichment tools and create an automation process to automatically enrich new contacts, leads or subscribers in your current CRM. If you’re not a developer, don’t worry we got tools for you, you can integrate the solution via Zapier, Make, or n8n with NO-code.

Integration API Reverse Contact
Integration API Reverse Contact

✅ pros: easy to setup & very precise solution & can manage volume

❌ cons: paid tool but offers more data, a free plan, and different pricing

That's all folks! Happy finding!

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