Fingo - Enrich users sign ups to get demographics data

Fingo - Enrich users sign ups to get demographics data

Antonio Gil
Antonio Gil

The Company: Fingo

Antonio Gil, CTO of Fingo, leads this Chilean fintech company specializing in invoice financing. Fingo operates through, revolutionizing financial services for businesses in Chile. By offering efficient invoice financing solutions, Fingo addresses the need for quick liquidity, bypassing the complexities of traditional banking. With a team passionate about technology and financial innovation, Fingo is on a mission to reshape the financial landscape in Chile.

The Challenge: Limited User Data

Before implementing Reverse Contact, Fingo's major challenge was the limited scope of user data. They only had email addresses of their users, which severely restricted their understanding of the customer base. Without detailed user profiles, Fingo struggled to tailor its services and marketing strategies effectively. This gap in customer insight hindered their ability to connect with their audience and grow their business optimally.

The Solution: Enriched User Profiles with Reverse Contact

Reverse Contact revolutionized Fingo's approach to user data. By leveraging the power of email addresses, Reverse Contact extracted comprehensive user profiles from LinkedIn. This included demographics, interests, skills, and more, all organized in an accessible Excel format. This newfound depth in customer data enabled Fingo to enhance their service offerings and refine their marketing strategies, aligning them more closely with their users' needs and preferences.

The Result: Enhanced Marketing and Business Growth

Implementing Reverse Contact transformed Fingo's digital marketing campaigns. With a better understanding of customer segmentation, Fingo could target the ideal demographic on platforms like Google and Meta, acquiring new clients more effectively. The insights also refined their email marketing strategies, leading to higher engagement rates, increased customer acquisition, and improved marketing ROI. This holistic improvement in understanding and engaging their customer base marked a significant milestone in Fingo's growth and success story.

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