Kohorta - Understand who download their free assets

Kohorta - Understand who download their free assets

Roman Kozak
Managing Partner
Roman Kozak

The Company: Kohorta Studio

Kohorta Studio, led by managing partner Roman, specializes in the design and development of websites, primarily for clients using HubSpot. In their quest to better understand their customers and improve their product offerings, Kohorta Studio leveraged Reverse Contact, an enrichment tool that integrates seamlessly with HubSpot.


Kohorta Studio faced a common challenge among digital product providers: understanding who their customers are beyond mere transactional data. With a variety of free assets available on the HubSpot marketplace, including modules and themes, the studio sought a deeper insight into the personas downloading their products. This knowledge was crucial for refining their offerings and enhancing their marketing strategies.


The studio implemented Reverse Contact, a powerful tool that integrates directly with HubSpot CRM. This solution provided Kohorta Studio with the capability to identify and analyze the profiles of individuals downloading their free assets. By retrieving LinkedIn profiles and other relevant details such as the downloader's role and company, Reverse Contact offered a comprehensive portrait of Kohorta Studio's users.


The process was straightforward and efficient, thanks to Reverse Contact's seamless integration with HubSpot. Upon a customer downloading a free asset from the HubSpot marketplace, Reverse Contact would activate, collecting and analyzing data to provide a detailed profile of the customer. This profile was then stored in Kohorta Studio's HubSpot CRM records, enriching the studio's database with valuable insights.

The implementation of Reverse Contact transformed Kohorta Studio's approach to customer interaction and product development. Key outcomes include:

  • Enhanced Customer Insights: Kohorta Studio gained a profound understanding of who their customers are, including their professional roles and affiliations
  • Increased Engagement: By connecting with their free asset downloaders on LinkedIn, Kohorta Studio saw a higher response rate, fostering stronger relationships with potential clients.
  • Product Improvement: Armed with detailed customer profiles, Kohorta Studio was able to tailor their products more effectively, addressing the specific needs and preferences of their users.


Kohorta Studio's adoption of Reverse Contact proved to be a strategic move in understanding their clientele at a deeper level. By integrating this tool with their HubSpot CRM, the studio not only enhanced their customer insights but also improved engagement and product development processes. Kohorta Studio's experience highlights the value of leveraging advanced tools like Reverse Contact to bridge the gap between digital product providers and their users, paving the way for more personalized and effective marketing strategies.

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