Fiveoffices - Automate the enrichment process

Fiveoffices - Automate the enrichment process

Pierre Harington
Head of Growth @fiveoffices
Pierre Harington

The company

Fiveoffices is a company that provides a platform for businesses to efficiently utilize their empty office spaces by renting them out to other businesses in need.

The platform not only proves to be cost-effective and environmentally conscious, but also empowers businesses to adapt and evolve by providing flexible office solutions that can be adjusted as their needs change.

The challenge

Fiveoffices adopts an omnichannel marketing approach to attract customers to ensure an enjoyable and consistent customer experience. However, they face the challenge of truly knowing their target audience and enriching customer profiles with contextual information.

The goal is to elevate the level of customization in their marketing efforts, leading to more personalized and successful business interactions.

The solution

The company was looking for a solution to automate the enrichment process in order to be able to, fine-tune their marketing actions, to align with the individual needs of their customers.

Thanks to Reverse contact, they are now able automatically enrich customer profiles as they enter their CRM with reliable, real-time gathered information about their target, based on their LinkedIn profile.

The result

Since integrating Reverse Contact, Fiveoffices has gained the incredible advantage of having a tidy CRM brimming with enriched customer profiles. These profiles now contain in-depth information, allowing the company to stay organized and streamline its pipeline efficiently.

Additionally, they've experienced a significant boost in their online presence, as they can now directly connect with their audience on LinkedIn.

This direct connection has opened up new avenues for building relationships and engaging with customers in a more personal and effective manner

(As explained by Pierre in the Video above).

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