Forest Admin - Personal Email Lead Qualification

Forest Admin - Personal Email Lead Qualification

Tancrede Le Merrer
Head of Sales @ForestAdmin
Tancrede Le Merrer

The company

They knew firsthand the difficulty of having to develop custom internal tools for each new project and app. Developers often have to iterate on internal tools quickly when they could be working on features for the app or product at hand due to the sheer number of different business logics in existence. In order to help you achieve this, they will take care of it in whatever way suits you best. Your company's administrative staff can use Forest Admin streamlined interface to efficiently manage and organize your app's data.

The challenge

An infinity of random email addresses that are impossible to associate with an individual or a company that leaves a bitter taste of FOMO on the potential business opportunities that could be hidden behind that contact info.

The company has a volume of 485 emails (personal and professional) to enrich per week, meaning approximatively 2K a month, including an average of 1500 personal addresses, or what we like to call potential dead ends (a very consequent amount).

The solution

Fasten the lead qualification process. Forest admin's clientele is mainly composed of developers working for big companies. In order accurately qualify and prioritize the prospects list according to their need for the services and potential added value, reverse contact, having a great return on personal email addresses,  takes special care in associating the contact info to the LinkedIn profile of an employee and enrich that return with company-related data.

The result

Results have shown that on an average reverse contact is able to fully enrich 72% of  the email addresses gathered from their website’s database, which ended up allowing forest admin to have more visibility,find and activate potential leads that would have gone under radar.

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