Masteos - Design a targeted marketing campaign

Masteos - Design a targeted marketing campaign

Thierry Vignal
CEO @Masteos
Thierry Vignal

The company

Masteos is a full-service rental investment agency that helps its clients (capital growers) with every aspect of the rental investment value chain, from sourcing and acquiring properties to overseeing the renovation and furnishing processes. Masteos contributes to the growth of this new asset class by attracting a wider range of private rental investors through the provision of a turnkey solution.

The challenge

Mateos is a practical software can come in handy for anyone. Whether it’s an international corporation or a local flower shop owner, Masteo’s customers often tend to use personal email addresses that are difficult to associate with an entity or individual.

The company needs to pinpoint the defining characteristics of its existing database to understand the type of customer they have in order to better target their need and adjust their marketing campaign.

The solution

Data enrichment generated by reverse contact allows Masteos to do a segmentation of their audience, according to the data gathered, so they can design customized ad campaigns in line with the demand on the market. No more mass marketing but specifically constructed ads that would target their main customers.

The result

On a total of 74 000 demanded, 57 559 contacts were found and enriched, 27 992 were fully enriched.  More viable information gathered on each client ( mainly job title and average revenue) enabled them to elevate their profiling process, advertise more precisely, and, of course, ultimately generate more revenue revolving on a targeted marketing agenda.

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