Ringover - Improve Lead Qualification and Prioritization

Ringover - Improve Lead Qualification and Prioritization

Jean-Samuel Najnudel
Co-founder and Chairman @Ringover
Jean-Samuel Najnudel

The company

Ringover is a company that offers a powerful calling platform for companies. Their platform allows businesses to easily set up and manage phone lines, call routing, and other features that are essential for effective communication with customers.

The Challenge

Ringover was receiving a large volume of sign-ups on a daily basis - around 800 per day - but was struggling to qualify and prioritize these leads. They didn't always know who was behind the email addresses they were receiving, making it difficult to gauge the potential value of each lead. This made it difficult for Jean-Samuel, the owner of Ringover, to effectively allocate his time and resources.

The Solution

Jean-Samuel turned to Reverse Contact, a SaaS tool that could help him identify the people behind the email addresses and gather more information about them, including their job title and company. This allowed Jean-Samuel to get a better understanding of the potential value of each lead, and to make more informed decisions about which leads to pursue first.

The Result

The use of Reverse Contact resulted in a number of significant benefits for Ringover. First, it allowed Jean-Samuel to more effectively qualify and prioritize his leads, resulting in a 34% increase in sales conversions. This meant that Ringover sales team was able to close more deals and generate more revenue for the company.

In addition to the increase in sales conversions, Reverse Contact also saved Ringover sales team 20 hours per week in manual research time. This allowed him to redirect his efforts towards other important tasks, leading to a 25% increase in overall productivity for Ringover sales team.

Overall, the use of Reverse Contact helped Jean-Samuel to improve his lead qualification and prioritization processes, ultimately leading to increased efficiency and success for Ringover.

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