- Automate database updating process - Automate database updating process

Barış Asa
Growth Manager @Ruul
Barış Asa

The company

With Ruul, businesses are able to find and hire talented people from everywhere while staying in line with local regulations. Organizations can identify, hire, and manage contractors and employees with ease and safety with Ruul's universal hiring and payment solutions.  The platform gives freelancers the opportunity to send out invoices that are understood and tracked all around the world; in exchange, businesses may partner with them in a B2B setting and profit from the advantages of contracting with foreign freelancers.

The challenge

Ruul was looking into the employment status of its users to see how many freelanced full-time and how many held other full-time jobs. It is essential to constantly update and enrich that data as they have thousands of freelancers to manage via the platform. The company required a tool to search for users by email address and discover their up-to-date LinkedIn profile urls, complete with current job titles, employers, and other relevant information.

The solution

The business was already familiar with other data enrichment tools like Clearbit, ZoomInfo, and Phantombuster, but phantombuster's results were deemed insufficient for this project, Zoominfo's standard product function was different, and Clearbit was simply too expensive. They did some investigating and discovered that Reverse contact was the ideal solution to their problem.

The results

Reverse contact enabled the automation of the enrichment and updating process, which resulted in significant time savings and overall process optimization.

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