Smappen - From Personal Emails to Qualified Leads

Smappen - From Personal Emails to Qualified Leads

Laurent Leclerc
Co-founder & Business developer @smappen
Laurent Leclerc

The company

Smappen is an interactive map tool that helps businesses analyze catchment areas, optimize logistics, and prepare local marketing strategies. With Smappen, users can easily create custom areas based on travel times, allowing them to make more informed decisions about where to target their efforts.

The Challenge

As a popular and highly effective tool, Smappen receives a large number of sign-ups for their free trial product on a daily basis - around 1000 per day. However, many of these sign-ups were coming from personal email addresses like "", making it difficult for Laurent and the team at Smappen to qualify and prioritize their leads. Without knowing who was behind the email address, it was hard for them to route the leads effectively. As a result, only a small percentage of the trial users - approximately 2% - were considered qualified leads.

The Solution

To overcome this challenge, Laurent and his team turned to Reverse Contact. By using the tool, they were able to find out more information about the individuals behind the email addresses - including their job title, company, and industry. This allowed them to more effectively qualify and prioritize their leads, and even route them based on company data like industry and company size.

The Result

Since implementing Reverse Contact, Laurent and the team at Smappen have been able to significantly improve their lead qualification and prioritization efforts. By having access to more detailed information about the individuals behind the email addresses, they have been able to convert a higher percentage of trial users into qualified leads. In fact, the percentage of qualified leads has increased by 4 times since implementing Reverse Contact.

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